Life Update

I didn’t break my promise by not posting last week. Our floor was getting replaced. The pup, son and I were staying at casa de parents for the whole week while the hubs continued to work from home/monitor the progress. When we first bought our house, we loved the space. The previous owners, who flipped the house, knocked down some walls so it could feel open.


Once we actually got moved in, our love for the house grew faint. The newly laid laminate was beginning to bow and become unhinged. As people who have done some renovations, we get that there was going to be some give to the floating floor but this wasn’t that. After months of trying to figure out what was going on, we got a professional’s opinion. More than likely, we had issues with our sub-floor and there was no way to figure out the extent of it until the floor was torn up. Talk about a stomach punch.

Here let’s drop some more money on a house that we just paid the down payment on. The only upside was we got to pick the flooring to replace it. If we were going to spend that much money, we better get something nice.

The week had finally come so, we began to tear up the floor to help drive down the cost of labor and prep. Thanks to those who came to help and it’s one of the perks of being closer to family. We finally saw the sub-floor that was claimed to be leveled. Oh boy, it was not! Seriously, they attempted but didn’t get it right. If you are going to install any flooring, it is so worth it to do it correctly and make everything even.


Luckily, there were only a few spots where the floors need to be leveled so that saved time and money. Along the way, there were a few other things that were done poorly by the flippers. But, we are moving pass that. Now our floors are beautiful and more importantly, leveled and installed properly.



We are going to install the new flooring in the dining room ourselves this weekend so we will let you know how it goes. I cannot wait to finally put this all behind us and start relaxing in house.



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