How a Little Paint Changes Everything

I love color. There is no denying it. Something speaks into my soul when I see different warm and rich colors. It provokes feelings of happiness, comfort or even energizes. I know I’m weird. So when we first officially bought our house, I was so excited to change the walls. In a previous post I mentioned that our house was flipped, leaving all the walls a nice beige. 328

Yes, that is a nice color but oh it wasn’t my style. There are many things we wanted/want to change in our house because we didn’t pick them. The hubs and I have realized that we have a very peculiar taste in things and we watch way too much HGTV. So I went to Home Depot to try their paint. In our old house, we used Valspar and Dutch Boy. We loved Dutch Boy but when we were painting our basement it seemed to chip easily. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I can’t speak highly enough about Behr Paint. Our whole house is painted with it and honestly if they change their formula, they will loose one might customer. Any ways, we repainted every room except one but we are probably going to paint that at some point.

By far my favorite transformation is our half bathroom. It is right off our kitchen and I wanted to make it pop. Our house colors are pretty much gray and then my son’s room is Cabana Blue. Since it is small, we didn’t want anything dark because that would make it feel smaller. The hubs thought blue would be good. He found this Shipyard color which was too dark. So to Pinterest I went. I saw some different designs and one seemed the easiest. Diamonds. Just tape and paint. I decided to do one step up and do the entire room instead of just one wall. Here is my progress shot. It was hard. SO. MUCH. MEASURING. IN. A. SMALL. SPACE.




The gray underneath is called Chance of Rain and we painted our dining room that color. Here is finished project and it was so worth it.


So whether you are bored with your walls or want to go all funky, my advice is just to do it. Life is too short to being in a house that doesn’t reflect who you are and your attitude. Have fun and if you always don’t like it, just paint a different color. 🙂




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