Christianity over Patriotism

I never been a big political person. In college when Barack Obama was running, I wasn’t overly excited. Not because he wasn’t a good candidate but because I was green. I felt like my voice really didn’t matter much and to be honest I was barely an adult. He also wasn’t going against an evil person in John McCain or then again in Mitt Romey. This last election cycle though has made my blood pressure increase.

I don’t know if it because I am well in adulthood and see the implications of policy more or what. It could have been because for the first time in my voting history I was enraged by the candidates. One’s policies went against everything I thought I stood for with my Christian faith and the other evoked hateful language and played on people’s fear. But whatever, the election is done with and someone won.

Here I am though reading transcripts and briefings, wondering one thing: How did we get here? I’m not going to debate the structure of our voting system so if you are looking for that, too bad. I’m hopefully not going to spew any harsh or hateful words but I told myself that this blog would be a place to muddle through some raw emotions among other lighthearted things. This last election and election aftermath has made me question my Christian faith more than I think it should. It has rattled me to my very foundation.

I’m a Christian. I’m pro-life, meaning abortions are wrong, however I believe that we should be treating the reasons why women are faced with that decision at all. I’m for border protection but I am against what Trump is currently doing with the wall and immigration ban. I understand that in today’s constant need for information that sometimes the media reports too soon and conclusions are jumped to but I also trust them to report facts. Of course, some are biased towards one side of the aisle but you can still find those who are “fair and balanced”. I believe in respect for all people regardless of ethnicity or faith.

The thought that keeps weighing heavily on my heart is: when did being an American become a bigger/louder voice than being a Christ follower and disciple. I remember talking to someone about Trump’s proposed wall during the election and I couldn’t imagine why it was a reflection of our faith. I get protecting America against attacks but to the degree it has been taken to isn’t faith. God calls to us to love Him with all our minds, souls and hearts. He also calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves. He gives us those two commandments but also issues Christians with a commission to make disciples of every nation including America.

I’m a missionary in every place I go. I’m an example of Christ to those in my son’s swim class, to people at the grocery store, etc. My husband is an example of Christ in his workplace with his interactions with coworkers. When did my fear become a reason not to love those around me especially those not like me? If we stay in our Christian bubbles and not be living examples of the love of Christ through the Gospel, am I not fulfilling the Great Commission?

Yes, I love my country but I love Christ more. When we start worrying about things of this world more than people’s lost souls, we have a grave problem. Christ is in the business of souls not in the business of comfort. It is time for Christians to look around those with broken souls and say I have a gift that is greater than anything this world can offer. That should be what we are known for. Yes, we live in a sinful world that is the devil’s playground. Yes there will be battles but we should be a light that has already gained victory. We should come along those who are hurting and say I am here for you because you are loved by my the God most high. It is okay to not have answers to why or why not but it isn’t okay not to share God’s love.

At the end of my life, I want people to remember me as a compassionate and loving person and that source could only come for the hope I have in Christ. America isn’t more important or a bigger love than Christ. Christ can only revive our lands and I will seek Him alone. As a wise pastor said “because even if I don’t see revival in my days, I will still have Christ.”


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