My Experience with LuLaRoe

I feel that I should say this right off the bat. I hate clothes shopping. I’ve got wide hips and am average height making it close to impossible to find the perfect fit. It was very frustrating trying to figure out what looked good on me and that resulted in a hit to my self confidence.

Then a few months ago, I was invited to a Facebook group that was a LuLaRoe party. I didn’t know the name at the time and didn’t understand why I would take a risk on clothes that I couldn’t try on especially with my body type. I ended up buying one shirt because shirts are shirts. I was impressed with the quality and obviously I liked the design. (For those of you who know the LuLaRoe jargon, it was a Randy.) As we were driving back from a weekend in Wisconsin, I checked my phone and saw that there was a drawing going on between a few different consultants. I thought well what was the harm in trying to get free clothes. That was all it took to make me a believer in these clothes.

I ended up winning another top (Irma) and a pair of leggings. Up to this point, I didn’t own any leggings and I wasn’t a fan of them. I worked with our church’s youth group and this alone gave me a negative image because I thought they weren’t appropriate attire unless under a top that was long enough to cover the bum. I’m still a little back and forth about this. When the items arrived in the mail, I instantly put them on and never went back.

First talk about comfort. I felt at ease and relaxed where other clothes made me feel like they constantly needed to be adjusted. They were so comfortable that the same day our family drove another 5 hours back to Wisconsin. (We were house hunting which is another wonderful story.) This comfort showed in my face. I felt happy in an outfit for the first time in a while.

Then I went to a large pop-up event where there were multiple consultants. Naturally, I fell more in love with the clothes and the people. I kept adding to my collection and adding to the point now, I never want to take them off. I’ve got dresses, tops and of course their leggings. It has been fabulous to support women selling this brand of absolutely comfort and style. I don’t get into a pouting fit because I don’t feel happy with my outfit choices. Instead, I know that I look good because I feel comfortable. That alone makes me more confident.

Lately, LuLaRoe has come under some negativity about their brand. I’m going to bypass the whole tax thing because it is what it is. It is getting worked out and to me, it isn’t something that really detracts from buying their items. Their attack on their quality is shocking. I get sometimes in mass production you are going to get rejects. I haven’t seen one consultant though who isn’t understanding and that is what I love. I could easily go to them and explain the situation and they would be more than happy to fix it. I mean people it is the same thing as big box stores. If it is damaged within the return window, they will take it but if it isn’t you are out of luck. Why would I think anything different of a different clothing brand?

Needless to say, I love their stuff. I actually had to unjoin groups or I would probably be overspending because their clothes are so great. If people don’t like their clothes, then stop buying them. If you love them, then don’t. In the process let’s not cutting down great women who work their butts off to provide good customer service and a quality product okay? Thanks.


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